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In the first tip from our series “Publishing Tips & Tricks” we told you that the best marketing is when you’re active. But you have probably wondered what you can do to be active. That’s why we want to show you the options on BookRix for getting more attention as an author.

Build up a network, invite your friends and colleagues to read your book on BookRix and kindly ask them to share it. Use our groups to look for contacts who share the same interest as you. Find fans of the topics or genres you’re talking about in your book and connect with them. These contacts are not only important as they might be your potential readers, but they can also forward you important information such as events that could provide a promotional platform for you.

Post a link to your book in the corresponding grouns and recommend it to users who might be interested. Take part in contests on BookRix because then the community will not only pay more attention to you as an author, but also to your books.

Don’t wait for others to help you. Become prominent as an author by being thoughtful, helpful and by providing good reviews. Such behavior will cause other readers will be interested in you. In addition, they will see what you are doing and find your books. An author who has received a valuable review is more likely to return the favor. And having as many book reviews as possible is important, as they are a point of reference on your Book Info Page. Having various reviews implies its popularity and will entice others to read your work. The more reviews (good and constructive), the better chance your book has of being read by others.

Consider other authors as colleagues or partners. It doesn’t help you seeing them as your competitors because you can learn a lot from other writers. An author who spoils a relationship with a fellow writer has the disadvantage. Authors are often involved in the same networks, so it’s best to keep things professional. By maintaining a good standing with other authors, you significantly increase your reach across various social platforms.

Keep in mind that the BookRix team is always out there reading and reviewing books, even though you may not be aware of it. If you want to be features on he site, your book cannot be rated as 18+. So please take that into consideration, as 18+ should be reserved for exceptionally violent or sexually explicit content. We want to promote your book, so please be careful not to put up unnecessary barriers. Keep in mind that there isn’t a large difference between 16+ and 18+.


The BookRix team

Today, BookRix recommends The Redemption of Marvin Fuster by one of our favorite authors, Patrick Sean Lee. Or as we know him in our BookRix community, Felixthecat. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

“String theory. Ahh! I have a love of music, myself. Had I not gotten involved in politics, I believe I might have taken up the violin seriously, or perhaps the cello. Have you ever been to the symphony, Mr. Fuster?” The governor beamed; a chord deep inside him began to resonate, and a soft breeze rustled across his face and into his heart, as though nature itself was beginning to conspire against him in order to obliterate his initial assessment of Marvin’s stature in his world. This man of the streets had a love for music, and that raised him immeasurably in the eyes of Richard Harris. Perhaps he would allow him to stay for an hour or two so that they could discuss Tchaikovsky and Massenet.

“No, I believe you are referring to a different type of string, sir. Though I do not pretend to know a great deal about the subject yet, the string this book refers to is a quantum matter, altogether on a different plane than music…though I do like certain types of Bluegrass, and folk music,” Marvin corrected him.

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