Coming Soon: BookRix Renovations

Our team leader, Vivian Tan, has some news to share with you:
Intellectu-Owl is getting creative!

In the near future, BookRix is going to be renovated.

You’ve probably noticed some of the changes that have already been made, or have read about them in the Less is More discussion thread in the New to BookRix group, however; we want to take this time to tell you more about some of the new features that BookRix will be offering.

The book viewer and editor have been our greatest hurtle to overcome. Many users will surely agree when we say our previous editor was a little behind the times. Demands and requirements have changed a lot over the years and we’re finally going to be ahead of the game.

The new editor will now focus primarily on the creation of an ePub that is compatible with all the devices out there. And, although it won’t look so much like a classic book, the BookRix viewer will be faster, more efficient, and accessible on all your devices.

Basically, this means that you can adapt the book view on the screen of any device you want to use, or you can change the view point based on the size of the window. If you prefer larger screens and re-size your window, you don’t have to worry because the size of the book page will be automatically adjusted (even in regards to font size, less/more text, hyphenation, justification, etc.). So as you can see, the classic look of a print book is no longer relevant in our new book view, just as it’s not relevant in any other current ePub formatting.

For our users, especially those who have learned to love the old book editor and viewer, not all of the changes will come about without creating some pain. Playing with the page backgrounds and font colors is no longer relevant and the two-page book will be a thing of the past. Now you’re asking, “Why are you making these changes when there are so many beautiful examples of books that use those design options?”

The main reason for these changes is that our books have been rejected from certain eBook shops, or haven’t been accessible for certain reading devices – and that’s just not okay with us. With the increasing importance of e-book sales for our authors, it was evident that BookRix books converted into common ePub formats were often visually and technically unable to keep up with the eBooks from large publishing companies. Here are some of the main reasons why BookRix users have been kept from the shops: Lack of space between paragraphs, no indentation of the first line of a paragraph, and ugly text formatting. And that’s just naming a few. Sure, the classic book viewer might have been fine on your computer, but we want it to be so with all the different devices out there. We also want it to work as an ePub.

If you’re worried about images, you will be relieved to know that you can continue to integrate them into your books.

We are certain that there is going to be one or the other weeping eye, but we are also confident that the new book view is going to make you a lot happier than our old one has.


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One Response to Coming Soon: BookRix Renovations

  • Isabell says:

    Um well first wow i have no idea how to respond to this.

    I worry about loosing my books because some are short stories and are two, three pages. I decided to share them on this website in hopes that people would like and enjoy them. It would brake my heart to not be able to write short short stories any more because of not being a certain number of pages. what would you suggest if so I can write my short stories and share them?

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