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BookRix Bestselling Author!

Three weeks ago, we shared the interview with author Elvira Zeißler (click HERE to read the interview), the first BookRix author to sell over 5000 eBooks. Today, we’re sharing the next runner up – German Fantasy writer, Tajell Robin Black (user jadefaye), author of the Dark Fantasy series – Shadow Jewel (Schattenjuwel). Tajell has sold over 4000 eBooks and the numbers are sure to keep going up and up, especially because the next part of the series is currently in the making.

Her first book, Shadow Jewel: The Heart of Elowia, published in February 2012, has sold 3340 copies so far and the numbers are still rising! The second book in the series, Shadow Jewel II: The Heart of Elowia Weeps , published in December 2012, sold 803 copies in the first 3 months! Aside from the series, her book, The Darkness in His Heart, published in August 2012, has sold 135 copies.

Here is the humorous and informative interview by the BookRix German Team conducted with Tajell back in May, 2012, translated just for you (by RebeckDawn):

Success is relative. For me it’s been a great success just to have Shadow Jewel published. And if my books are successful, I owe everything to my readers, the Bookrix Team, and the love from the entire community.

Hello JadeFaye,

Thank your letting the community ask these questions!

1. How long have you been writing – can you remember the first book you ever wrote?
I will always remember my first time. When I was 9 years old, everything started when I wrote a short story about a stocky firefighter who was unable to save a child and his guilt causes him to break down. My teacher covered the story in red felt-tip pen markings and wrote underneath: Too long. Off Topic! And then I didn’t even get a smiley sticker like all the other kids did. That was a very dramatic moment for me.
But my first real book, if one may call it that, I wrote when I was only 14. At the time I was addicted to the vampire books by Anne Rice, and so I wrote a book about a gay vampire. The novel was totally crammed with eroticism – things like that just happen when girls in puberty write books. Now, even calling it a “novel” is absolutely embarrassing.

2. Is Shadow Jewel your first novel?
Shadow Jewel is my first published novel. Guaranteed porn free (laughing).

3. How did you come up with the idea about the stones/jewels?
I saw a film about the so-called “blood diamonds”. They are diamonds that are mined illegally, and when they’re sold it finances wars and warlords. So I actually got the idea for the jewels from a real (and very sad) story.

4. Are any of the characters modeled after “real” people?
No, I hope not, and if so, I wouldn’t admit it :) . But I did use my best friend’s name in the book – as a small tribute to our friendship.
In the second part, however, there are characters named after my fellow writers Jennifer Hunter and Andreas Fischer. Let’s see how they both do on Elowia.
It’s fun to name characters after people I know because if they do something I don’t like in real life, I can quickly rewrite their roles, and suddenly they’re nasty, ugly trolls. Hahaha – I have the power!

5. If you could actually go to Elowia and be any character from your book, who would you be– or do you see yourself mirrored to some extent in the main character, Lilith?
Oh, my God. I would definitely be Lilith. Ne is a hysterical b****. My heart really relates to the warrior, Baia, but if I could be any character, I would like to be the prince of demons.

6. How many books will there be in the Shadow Jewel series?
There are probably only two parts: Shadow Jewel II: The Heart of Elowia Weeps and Shadow Jewel: The Heart of Elowia.

*Since she answered these interview questions, she has published the second book in the series and is now working on part three – Shadow Jewel: The Heart of Elowia Awakens.

7. Did you expect this much success? How do you explain it?
Success is relative. For me it’s been a great success just to have Shadow Jewel published. And if my books are successful, I owe everything to my readers, the Bookrix Team, and the love from the entire community.

8. Shadow Jewel has such a beautiful cover – who designed the cover for you?
The cover art is a painting I made. Actually, I was really not in the mood to make myself a cover that night, and wasn’t feeling very creative, but suddenly there it was.
Since I’m often asked: It’s not Lilith, but Alrruna who is on the cover. (To see the cover, click HERE)

9. Tajell Robin Black is a pen name – where does the charming name Tajell come from?
Yes, it’s a pen name, at least partially. It also includes my real name. Tajell, by the way, comes from an absolutely unromantic place – a fantasy name generator. I only used the generator for my name and not for the names in my book. All the names have some kind of real meaning, like Alrruna. The Alruna are those who know the secret of the fairies / elves. Another example is Persuar, which is a variation of the Latin verb “persuadere” which means “to persuade or convince”. And Persuars gem can indeed be quite convincing.

10. You are very active on the internet, especially in regards to the promotions for Shadow Jewel – There’s a Facebook page, audio samples on Youtube, and you have even distributed reading samples on public transit. Do you have tips for other BX authors regarding such self-initiated marketing action?
Tips? Well, it all comes with time; lots and lots of time and patience. For an audio book, that’s only about 15 minutes long, I need about an hour to make it. I made that sample on Youtube with only one single purpose: Torment the audience with my voice until they buy the book rather than continue listening to me.

11. How did you find out about BookRix?
That was totally random. I had already signed up a few months earlier and then I saw the 2012 Ad, the one that said you could also publish your BookRix book as an e-book. I had absolutely no idea about things like ISBN, converting ePubs, etc., but BookRix helped with everything. That’s how I finally decided on BookRix.

12. Will you publish other titles with BookRix?
I think so, because until now everything has gone really well. Why would I want to change that?

13. How satisfied are you with BookRix?
Well, I can’t complain about the speed of publication and distribution. Three days after my book was published, it was available in all the major online stores. Moreover, Bookrix supported me with their Facebook / Twitter services.

14. Is there a specific book on BookRix that impressed you? If so, which one and why?
Wow, that would be unfair if I named just one here right now. There really are many wonderful books here. Many books I’ve read are by very young and talented writers and I was really impressed by them. I think we’ll be hearing from a lot of them in the near future!

15. Are you working on anything else aside from the Shadow Jewel series?
Yes, I’m still working on my urban fantasy book The Darkness in His Heart, about Kelpie, a water demon, who feeds on the souls of the people he drowns.

*Since this interview was first published, she has released The Darkness in His Heart and it’s available in all the eBooks stores.)

16. Do you write better during the day or at night?
I am a total night person, but because I have a job, I’m often found writing on my lunch break.
(Dear Boss, if you read this, I distance myself from my previous statement. Of course I spend my lunch break working hard!)

17. Is there a ritual you performing before writing – something that helps inspire you?
I listen to sad music. If I’m too happy, I can’t write because then I’ll want to be doing other things, like sitting outside in the sun and eating ice cream.

18. What do you hope to get from your writing?

19. What inspires you?
The music groups Janus and ASP, and of course anime. There’s no other genre quite like anime – it creates such clear illustrations of the conflicts and pitfalls of humanity. I’m not talking about the ones shown here in Germany, but of the ones that run only in Japan and have real depth. Unfortunately, German anime is miles behind.

20. Do you only read fantasy or other genres as well?
I read fantasy almost exclusively. Other genres just do not interest me. I need the magical, unrealistic feeling that opens up the imagination.
Besides fantasy I read, only as a contrast, “non-fiction” books, such as Eating Animals (you can only read this if you’re really, really brave, because this book is really cruel and intense) or The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (it’s a great book despite its pseudo-intellectual title).

21. Are there other books or authors that have inspired you?
The author, Anne Rice, inspired me before she started writing Christian novels. And my big role model when I was young was Rafik Shami. To this day I can still remember his book The Honest Liar.

22. You’re currently busy working on the second part of Shadow Jewel that will be released in autumn 2012. Do you still have time for your own reading, or are you focusing only on your writing?
Currently, I’m not reading very much because when I do read, I end up focusing on the writing style instead of the storyline. Reading then becomes more like a writing lesson, with me saying “Ah cool, so that’s how (author) writes adventure scenes”. After 20 minutes of reading, although I haven’t been following the plot, at least I’ll have 20 full pages of text examples for good writing to learn from.
Because I want to keep my own style, I have thrown all my favorite literature out of the bedroom.

23. What would be a perfect day, in your opinion?
Dream, dream and dream again…

24. Do you have another passion aside from writing?
Just in case anyone hasn’t already picked up on this, I’ll mention it again: Anime. And then of course, I have my drawing, and my little dog, Akimo, who has accompanied me faithfully through the last 6 years of my life.

25. Finally: Do you have anything important that you want to say to your readers?
Tajell loves you :) . Sorry folks, unfortunately I don’t have anything of real instructive value to share with you.
Except, of course: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all my readers who support me so much! You’re the best!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for your fans!

Stay tuned for more interviews with BookRix Bestselling Authors!

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