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Marketing Indie Authors: Find readers for your eBook

As an Indie author, you are in charge of everything: Self-publishing your eBook, creating your eBook, and of course, marketing your eBook. One of the more fun methods of marketing is to send your book on tour. Book blog tours are becoming increasingly popular, with great guest posts, interviews, cover reveals, book news, and giveaways for the new readers and fans. With our $5,000 Indie Author Writing Contest, marketing has never been more important!

BookRix would like to thank you all so much for participating in our third book blog tour, featuring The Long Way by BookRix author Aaron Redfern. We’re pleased to announce the three winners for the big Between the Lines Blog Tour Giveaway:

Congratulations, Glendalys Hernandez! You are the FIRST PRIZE WINNER! You have won a $100 Amazon gift card, a BookRix Sampler Pack (several great eBooks published by BookRix members), an eBook copy of The Long Way, and also some great swag!

But it now!
Congratulations to Pauline Jim Creeden! You are the SECOND PRIZE WINNER! You have won a $50 Amazon gift card and two free eBooks!

Congratulations to Mary Preston! You are the THIRD PRIZE WINNER! You have won a $25 Amazon gift card and a free eBook!

Winners check your inbox for an email notification from the author!

The sequel to Aaron’s book – The Forgotten Way – is now available in the eBook stores. Check out the blurb:

Two years after the events of The Long Way, Spiff still bears his scars both outside and in. Haunted by his memories, he is compelled to leave the peaceful existence he has known and set out on the second great journey of his life, accompanied by his friend, the Merai girl Miriel. Together they strike out, knowing only that they travel south–to the end of the world if they must.

Stories never really end. The Forgotten Way is about what happens after the world is saved and everyone else has gone home.

Aaron Redfern’s The Long Way will be offered as a free eBook for a limited time, starting next week in the eBook stores!

Another way to market your book is to find blogs and websites that feature eBooks by Indie Authors. Like BookRix, there are many sites devoted to helping unknown authors make their way in the all-encompassing world of publishing. Me, My Shelf & I is a great example of an Indie friendly site, offering a variety of features such as reviews, graphic design services, and our personal favorite – My Indie Monday – featuring a new book and author each week.

BookRix and Me, My Shelf & I have decided to become friends, and this past Monday our very own Aaron Redfern was featured and next week, our very own AnnaRose Vittoria will get her moment to shine. Check out the site and support Independent Authors.

Free Writing Contest: Enter Your eBook to Win a Marketing Package

Be The Best Seller You Can Be!

The BookRix Young Adult Contest: Be The Best (Seller) You Can Be

Writing is your talent, your skill, and your greatness! Unfortunately, being an Indie Author comes with a downside: The grueling task of self-marketing. It’s a big, book-filled world out there, and without marketing, readers won’t know about you or your work. It’s kinda hard to be a Best Seller when nobody knows about your book, so let’s get you noticed!

Entering this contest could ease some of the pressures of marketing because BookRix will help you get your eBook out there to the world. Yes, we’re cool like that!

The top 2 winners in this “Be The Best (Seller)” contest will each receive a MARKETING PACKAGE for special book promotions, when their winning eBook is distributed via the BookRix Self-Publishing Service. This Marketing Package includes being featured on the BookRix website /blog/Twitter & Facebook fan pages/newsletter, external book reviews, possible blog tours and exposure on external sites with a possible feature in an eBook shop. A custom cover and editing service could also be thrown into the mix because, like we said, we are cool like that!

* You can only submit ONE entry so make sure that it’s your best work
*Anyone can enter however your story should be written for YOUNG ADULTS (YA) which is typically 13-17.
* Your entry should be a novelette, 7,000 – 17,000 words and be a complete story (beginning, middle and end)
*Your entry should be PART ONE OF A SERIES with a minimum of 4,000 words
*If you are an over achiever (which we love!), feel free to enter a novel length book.

Submit your story in the thread, between April 3, 2013 through June 27, 2013 11a.m. EST, 4 p.m. London Time/GMT in the BookRix Free Writing Contests Entry Thread.

* One winner will be chosen by the BookRix Team and another winner will be chosen by the BookRix writing community, in a separate voting thread, from June 28 through July 8, 2013 11a.m. EST.
* Only quality books will be chosen so make sure that your entry is 100% proofread for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.

Submit a link to your eBook in the contest entry thread, on or after April 3, 2013, in the group Writing Contests on

BookRix is always looking for great books to have published and we are there to help you get the exposure you need to market your eBook to become a more successful author. This contest is designed to inspire great writing to give you the push that you need to get your best out there and for us to help you get it further.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Beat The Clock Contest: The 24hr Countdown Begins January 30th

January 30, 2013 (apply to enter) & February 2, 2013 (submit your entry)

*Shudder* * Tremble* – You have no idea what the topic is going to be. You have no idea what the word limit will be. You do know that you’ll only have 24-hours to complete your story and exactly when that 24-hour clock will start. You also know there will be no deviation from the rules allowed. The pressure mounts. As the start day and time approaches, the tension rises. Turn on your computer, dust off your keyboard. Soon, it will be On Your Mark, Get set, Go…

First Prize – $200
Second Prize – $100
Third Prize – $50

-It is a two part entry process. On January 30, you will submit your email address. On February 2, you will submit your story. See below.

- You must be a member of The Serious Writers Group to enter.

-Anyone of any status is welcome to enter.

-To ENTER, send an email to alsam2 – with the word “contest” in the subject line. NO STORIES, just your email address is needed. The deadline for sending ¬¬your email address is 12:00 pm EST, Weds—January 30, 2013. Email contact information will not be accepted after that date. Email respondents will be instructed the following week concerning their entries (see below).

-On Saturday—February 2, 2013, at exactly 12:00 pm EST, you will receive an email with the story topic (with sample paragraph), and the maximum word count. You will have up to 24-hours to email your completed story back. Paste your story in the body of the email or attach as a word document. Do not put your name on the story itself. It MUST be received by 12:00 pm EST, Sunday—February 3, 2013.

-Your story must touch upon the topic in some way. If it does not, it will be disqualified.

-You must not exceed the maximum word count. One word over and it will be disqualified. All entries will be checked with alsam2’s trusty PC laptop, Word 7. What it says the word count is, is your official word count. Titles do not count in the word tally.

-Entries must be received within the 24-hour period. One minute late and it will be disqualified. No exceptions. “I forgot, my ISP was slow, my computer broke, I was in the hospital, I was kidnapped, my house was struck by a meteor, the dog peed on my keyboard, etc.” will not be accepted. It must hit alsam2’s inbox by 12:00 pm EST on Sunday—Feb. 3, no later.If it doesn’t, out it goes; you’ll just have to wait for the next contest. And if you live in a different time zone, you’re going to have to figure that out and adjust ahead of time. That excuse won’t fly either.

-One story per entrant. It must be a complete story. We will be looking primarily for originality, as well as a well-written and edited piece.

-Moderators of Serious Writers will not be eligible to enter this contest.

-Judging will commence Monday, February 4, 2013.

-The entries will be judged blind. Member alsam2 will forward the stories to the judges WITHOUT the author’s names. There will be no “popular” votes. Judges will rate each story 1-10, votes will be averaged, the highest three averages will be the winners.

-Winners will be contacted by email, so that the authors can create a cover for their book. Winners will then be posted in the appropriate groups (Serious Writers, Reading List, Contests & More, etc.).

If you have any questions please contact member: alsam2

-Winners to claim their cash prize must establish a PayPal account.


Click HERE to go to the contest page.

Fiction Flash-Off: And The Winner Is…

So you flashed us with your fiction and we’re ready to announce the winners. After reading through the top 15 entries (that were chosen from 138 entries!) and the 12 nominated wildcard entries (totaling at 27 entries to choose the winners from), the BookRix Team of Judges was finally able to choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. But let me tell you – it was not an easy task. All of the entries were written by talented and creative authors, making our decision that much more difficult. In the end, we had to include three Honorable Mentions to show you just how hard it was to judge this contest. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who participated – you are all fantastic!

Here are your top three winners. Make sure you take the time to read them and leave a comment.

The 1st place winner, who is walking away with a $300 Amazon gift card, is Patrick Spiker (goffer23) with Stricken.

A storm is ravaging a quiet country meadow. For the two freezing, terrified girls running though it, however,the storm is the least of their problems.

The 2nd place winner, who is proud to have a $200 Amazon gift card headed his way, is Patrick Sean Lee (felixthecat) with Valeriya.

On the morning of July 17, 1874, the Royal family awaits their individual fates. The day before, the revolutionary party commandant had decreed their deaths, but a plea by Emperor Stanislaus will possibly save them.

The 3rd place winner, already planning how to spend a $100 Amazon gift card, is Bram Floria (crosswaysnet) with The Appointment.

A new man, with a new outlook on life…

And here are your three honorable mentions:

To find out who else was in the top 15, click HERE.
To see all of the contest participants, click HERE.
To view the other wildcard entries, click HERE.

Write a novel AND win $500? Yes please!

Vigilant One Championship 2013 – User Group Contest

Wanna be a champion? Who doesn’t? The Vigilant One, a great member of BookRix, is REALLY hard to impress and has a contest of his own up his sleeve. Think you can impress him? Write the novice novel that will make YOU the Vigilant One Champion and be the one and only to win $500 cash!
Your entry better be polished, your style unique and your story original or you won’t make the cut!


* This contest is open to all BookRix members and is free to enter.
*Entries must be a complete book with a discernible beginning, middle, and end, and have a creation date of Oct. 1, 2012 or later.
*You can only enter once so make sure that it’s your best work.
*Your book must be a minimum of 5,000 words and must contain original cover art. No translucent BookRix titles and stock photos.

How to Enter the Contest:

* Submit your story in the contest entry thread, when it opens, in the I Love BookRix Writing Contests group between Dec. 13, 2012 –March 1, 2013, 11am EST, 4pm London Time/GMT.

Member, vigilantoneful, will decide on the one winner to be announced in the “I Love BookRix writing Contests” group in the following months.


100% of the prize funds are sponsored by member, vigilantoneful.

If it is decided that no entry is worthy of the title, the prize money will be increased and the championship may restart.

If you have any questions please contact member: Vigilantoneful

Please click HERE to visit the contest page.

Need some inspiration for your own novel? Here are a few completed novels (each longer than 5000 words) for you to read:

On your mark, get set, Na-No-Wri-Mo!

It’s NaNoWriMo time again! Starting on November 1st (which means if you haven’t already started, GET GOING, you’re late!) writers have to put pen to paper, creating a 50,000 word (about 175 page) book by the end of the month. National Novel Writing Month was started to inspire everyone who wants to be a writer, but who have always said “later.” It takes a lot of time and energy to write a novel, but with this deadline, you really only give up one month and the end result is a finished novel!

The great thing about NaNoWriMo is that there are no expectations – you can write about anything your heart desires. If you’ve had an idea on the back burner for years, now is the time to bring it out and make it boil! If, after writing for an entire month, you realize your book is sheer genius – GREAT – publish it and make millions. If not, at least you wrote a book and it didn’t take you half a lifetime to complete it.

For most writers, actually finishing a novel is half the battle. We’ve all got great ideas and brilliantly witty characters, but are completely unsure about how to end the book in such a way that the reader is simultaneously sad and happy. They are sad that the book is finished, but also happy to have discovered their new favorite author. That’s a lot of pressure. NaNoWriMo alleviates that pressure by encouraging writers to write for themselves; not for the reader.

It doesn’t even matter what your day job is; for the month of November, we’re all novelists! It’s a great way for teachers, laywers, mechanics and moms to all get together and unite under one simple goal: Write a book.

Here are some great books by authors who don’t need NaNoWriMo to complete a novel – May we all have books for sale in Amazon at the end of this challenge:


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