Frankfurt Book Fair, 2011

Tim and BookrixIf Iceland’s beauty as a country is a reflection of their literature, then their motto “Sagenhaftes Island” (English translation “Fabulous Iceland”) holds true. This year the Frankfurt book fair, held at the Frankfurt Trade Fair (Germany), introduced Iceland as the guest of honor with a focus on Icelandic literature. Well played, guys.

Book publishing representatives and multimedia companies from across the globe are drawn to the fair each year for a variety of reasons. Primarily for networking and negotiating publishing rights and licensing fees. Authors, librarians, illustrators, film producers, translators (the list goes on and on) all play an active role in the fair and are key components to this event.

Our very own Tim Machier (Head of Business Development and Coordination Int) represented BookRix this year and took the time to answer my questions about his experience at the event.

Everyone is different. To you, what was your favorite part of the fair?

My favorite part [of the fair] was two things: The host country Iceland with its beautiful hall and booths. In addition, all the book people from all over the world. It was so nice to meet and network with everyone.

As you said, people travel from all over to attend this annual event. Tell us about the people you met.

I met a lot of people from the US and of course from Germany. It was a pleasure to talk to our BookRix Users who visited our Booth.  There were famous authors like Jussi Adler Olsen, Charlotte Roche or Reinhold Messner who was the first guy in the world to climb Mount Everest. Last but not least, I met a lot of friends who also work in the publishing industry (Online and traditional of course).

Sounds awesome! How did people react to BookRix? What was the overall feel?

Well here in Germany the digitalization of books is not as advanced as it is in the USA. The Market is on the move and therefore a lot of “traditional” publishers and people feel that eBooks are dangerous for printed books. But overall most of them predict that eBooks and companies like BookRix will dominate the market in the next few years. Besides that we received a lot of positive feedback from authors, writers and readers concerning our upcoming author services in Germany and USA.

What we’re some of the highlights? (speakers, guest appearances, book signings, etc)

For me, the highlights were hearing from the producer of Harry Potter, Roland Emmerich (Director of 2012 etc.), who attended the publishing conference this year. Besides that, there were a lot of German TV-Stars and famous authors visited the book fair for book signings or interviews.

Thanks for sharing, Tim!

Tim Maicher and Jussie Adler Olsen

Tim & Jussie Adler Olsen

Tim Maicher and Charlotte Roche

Tim & Charlotte Roche

Tim Maicher and Reinhold Messner

Tim & Reinhold Messner

Self-Published Authors Riding Wave of Success

Self-Published_Authors_Riding_Waves_of_Success_Article_BookRixSo far, her astounding success story has been picked up by Huffington Post, USA Today and is soon to grace the pages of Elle Magazine. Twenty-six-year-old millionaire and self-published writer Amanda Hocking is taking the e-book world by storm with her mega-popular urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels that sell exclusively in e-book formats.

Just this past weekend, New York Times best-selling spy thriller novelist Barry Eisler announced that he recently turned down a $500,000 book deal with an unnamed legacy publisher in order to self-publish his own popular books.  “Based on what’s happening in the industry, and based on the kind of experience writers…are having in self-publishing, I think I can do better in the long term on my own,” Eisler told J.A. Konrath in a lengthy interview posted on his blog as well as Konrath’s.

Successful_Self_Published_Authors_Amanda_Hocking_Barry_Eisler_JA_Konrath_Leigh_Fallon_Karen_McQuestion_HP_Mallory_Seth_Godin_John_L_LockeKonrath, who sells an average of 1,846 e-books daily on Kindle, Nook and other online stores, is a successful thriller e-book novelist who pens a helpful blog for aspiring self-published authors, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.

As the long-standing relationship between traditional publishers and new authors continues to evolve, Hocking and Eisler are certainly not along in their lucrative forays into self-publishing. A first novel by Irish teen author Leigh Fallon, Carrier of the Mark, was discovered as an e-book on HarperCollins’ teen social network Inkpop and will be published in print by HarperTeen this fall.

After years of rejections from traditional publishing houses, Wisconsin-based novelist Karen McQuestion self-published several novels as e-books on Amazon’s Kindle in 2009. Since then, one of her novels, A Scattered Life, has been optioned for film and printed as a paperback through AmazonEncore, Amazon’s new publishing division, with more on the way.

The same USA Today article that profiles Hocking also mentions rising self-published author H.P. Mallory, who recently signed a three-book contract with traditional publisher Random House, and the success of German novel The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch, a top-selling (100,000+) Kindle book.

We’ve previously sung the praises of best-selling author Seth Godin in the BookRix blog after he chose to ditch his publisher, Portfolio (Penguin) and sell his books directly to fans via print-on-demand. Another non-fiction author, John L. Locke has gone the same route, selling his books through Amazon with excellent results.

We hope to report about future best-selling BookRix authors someday soon, so keep writing and posting on our site…and share it with your friends!


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