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Can I Get a Moment of Silence for Borders Books & Music, Please?

Liquidation has begun on their remaining 399 stores

Liquidation begins on remaining 399 stores

All the kids I knew growing up had cool parents who dropped them off at the mall, complete with a credit card for impulse shopping ease. My friend Sophia’s mom would joke with her, “Try not to spend too much, honey” as she opened her wallet and handed over that treasured piece of plastic. I’d stare at her with envy in my eyes, shooting virtual daggers at her very existence. Sophia would turn to me and say, “are you sure you can’t go?” And for a fleeting moment I’d fantasize about lying to my parents so I could spend the day with her. I imagined eating at Sabarro pizza, buying trendy clothes at the shopping boutiques, and flirting with boys by the penny-for-your-thoughts fountain. Despite that millisecond of mental rebellion, my inner “good-girl” moral code knew it was wrong, so I politely declined each time. (Damn you, conscience!)

My parents, on the other hand, were a different breed. They were (and still are, for that matter) bookworms, or “bookies” as I referred to them (I love the elusive “illegal” taste that word leaves in your mouth despite the fact that it couldn’t be farther from the truth). A book store represented a children’s “safe-zone” to both my mom and dad, so when a brand new Borders opened up down the street, they were ecstatic. After receiving my hundredth “no” for requesting a drop off at the mall, I gave into their Borders alternative. “Fine!” I mumbled in defeat. “Just please drop me off down the street so I don’t look lame.” My dad chuckled, told me I was being “silly” and grabbed the car keys. Dropping me off down the street was out of the question. It was always curbside service.

From the moment I walked in their automatic doors, there was something about the smell of Borders that I found calming. It was a mixture of recently bound books, fresh coffee concoctions prepared by the baristas in the back, and the mild scent of lemon pledge. Employees paced the store greeting customers, offering assistance, and making suggestions with a smile. It was immaculate like a museum, yet it felt like a house I’d lived in for years. And there, on my very first visit, I fell in love. To hell with smelly malls and crowded movie theaters, my parents were onto something!

As with countless others, you can imagine my disappointment when I heard my beloved Borders Books and Music was going out of business. I bought my first (official) diary there, listened to Hole’s Live Through This album on repeat (the store clerks never said a word!), and sat for hours skimming fashion magazines, reading classic novels, and true crime thrillers. I saw my first naked man flipping the pages of a photography book there, for god’s sake. Well, it was either that, or Harvey Keitel in The Piano. I’m not sure. But most importantly, I now understand how those young Harry Potter fans feel – the closure of Borders is like the death of my childhood. (Insert sad face here)

As it stands, Borders began liquidating their remaining 399 stores this past Friday. Sadly that leaves their 10,700 employees in a less than savory spot.  So where do we go from here? Are bookstores going to evaporate over the next few years while everyone converts to the land of Kindles and e-textbook rentals? I’m pretty sure I just heard Circuit City roll over in their grave (May they rest in peace). No one knows what the future holds, but just as Netflix conquered Blockbuster, I’ll bet that virtual page flipping is going to dominate what’s left of our book stores. So much for cruising bookshelves, skimming titles while sipping on a latte, and taking in the sweet aroma of the printed page. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy these simple pleasures while I still can. Au revoir, Borders. You had me at ‘Books and Music’.

Current Movie Releases Made From Books

As we  applaud the nominations and approach the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, otherwise known as “The Oscars,” held this Sunday and hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, we take a look at all the upcoming movies appearing in theaters this spring that stemmed originally from books, many of which were bestsellers. With a wide variety of movies awaiting audiences nationwide, expect to see thrillers, classics and inspiring young adult movies.

Books Made Into Movies Spring 2011

I Am Number Four, out earlier this month, marks the birth of a new science fiction series about an extraordinary teen on the run from enemies in an action-packed thriller. The film is based on the book series by Pitticus Lore. The movie was recently released almost simultaneously to the public with the book series.

The Eagle, based on author Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical adventure novel, The Eagle of the Ninth, written in 1954, premiered February 11th. It is the first of a sequence of young adult fiction novels that are connected through a Roman Empire family who inherit an emerald seal ring bearing the insignia of a dolphin.

If you’d prefer a psychological thriller, check out Unknown, based on the novel called Out of My Head by Didier van Cauwelaert, starring Liam Neeson. In this plot, the lead character wakes up after a car wreck in Berlin and discovers that someone has stolen his identity along wih his life. Unknown opened in theaters February 18th.

Jane Eyre, hitting the big screen March 11th, features Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender as the two star-studded leads in this romantic drama based off of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel. In case you don’t remember the storyline from Jane Eyre, Jane works for the cold-hearted Edward Rochester and ends up fleeing his house after learning of a terrible secret he kept hidden. Read Brontë’s classic book for free on BookRix before watching the movie!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, coming out March 25th, is a family comedy movie based off the second book in the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, written by Jeff Kinney. This storyline features middle school student Greg Heffley and his older brother Rodrick, who’s trying to ruin Greg’s life as “chief tormentor.”

Keep an eye out for this summer’s release in July of One for the Money with Katherine Heigl, who plays an unemployed and newly-divorced woman who lands a job at her cousin’s bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past. Also starring Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata, among a great star-filled cast. One for the Money is based on the 1994 crime novel by Janet Evanovich, long-time best-seller, appearing consecutively for 75 weeks on the USA Today list of 150 best-selling novels!

And last but not least, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, one of the many bestselling novels in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series announced to premier in theaters this fall, November 18!

If you love talking about movies based on books, check out the “Books Made Into Movies” group and join in the dialog on BookRix!


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