Marketing Your eBook Prior to Publishing: Why It’s Important

It might sound strange at first, but trust us. It’s a proactive step for an indie author and you’ll thank yourself for it doing down the line. If you’re a writer, chances are you’re working on a book (or several) as you read this blog. And if that’s the case, great! But in the same way you carve out time to write another chapter in your masterpiece, make sure you’re also making the time to set yourself up for success when you’re ready to publish. It’s better to be prepared. Even more so when it comes to eBook publishing and gaining eBook sales.

Know your topic. Know your audience.

Whether you’re writing about vampires, science fiction or romance it’s a good idea to thoroughly understand your topic and chosen book genre. Think about the stories you love – why do you love them? What makes them unique or different? How can you make your book stand out from the crowd? Once you’ve thought about that, you need to consider who your audience is. Who is it you’re trying to appeal to and where do they go online? Are they involved in social media? Do. Your. Research. This is a very crucial step

What’s your persona?

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about personas. Their role in work environments, in the entertainment industry, even in family dynamics – there are countless personas. And as an author, your persona will become very important. It is essential for you to determine who you and build from it. Don’t just be “Katie King who loves to write psychological thrillers” because that boring and won’t get you noticed. Instead, dig a little deeper and express yourself like this: “Katie King who loves phychological thrillers, kicks tail at Dungeons & Dragons and has a passion for photography”.  Make yourself stand out and get personal. This is also important if you decide to use a pen name. If you’re writing under an alias, you can be whoever you want to be. Just make sure YOU know who you are and stick to it.

If you build it, it will come.

Sorry for the Field of Dreams reference, but this phrase hits the nail on the head. One of the major benefits behind marketing your book before it’s published is to have an audience of people anticipating its arrival. It’s important to think ahead and have a strategy in place. The step before this involved knowing your audience. Once you know who they are, plot out how you’re going to draw them in. Videos? Podcasts? A blog? Take the time to really think this out. Be creative and think strategically.

Put your finger on the pulse of social media.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads, Tumblr – social media channels are endless. I don’t recommend juggling all of them, but it’s imperative to a.) Understand what each one does, and b.) Identify which channel your target audience uses most. After all, why spend your time on YouTube if the people you’re trying to reach predominantly use Twitter? Once you’ve identified the channels you intend to use, create an “author” profile for each one and personalize it using the persona you’ve chosen. For additional marketing tips and how to further utilize social media, check out our complete marketing guide here.

Be proud of your eBook self-publishing goals.  You’re taking full control of your work and carving out a name for yourself in the publishing world. It’s an exciting time! Just remember, if you ever have questions or need advice, our community is full of experienced, self published authors who enjoy offering their assistance wherever they can. Come check it out!

$4-Tastic: Going Strong! Get Your eBook On

BookRix is pleased to say that our self publishing packages are flying off our virtual shelves this month due to our birthday promo $4-Tastic! We’re glad to see so many of you taking advantage of this 90% off offer and using it to make your ‘author dreams’ come true. It’s inspiring! Keep up the good work and don’t forget to plug your eBook in our community as well as Facebook and Twitter. Publishing your book is a huge accomplishment! Just make sure you’re marketing yourself as well. Everyone should be able to get their hands (or eyes!) on it.

Looking for some new indie material to tickle your fancy? Check out these gems from our BookRix members:

Truthful LiesWhat happens when you discover that the one person you have decided to give the rest of your life to, isn’t who you thought they were? Scott was finally prepared to take the leap. The ring was in his pocket. All he needed was the perfect night. However, on his way to pick her up that perfect night, he discovers that Meghan may not want the same things he does. Left with a ring and a difficult decision, Scott must consider what happens when you are not your one and only’s one or only.Check out Truthful Lies by Heather M. Borger

Eyes of the InnocentOne year ago, she was a happy girl with a life of privilege and adventure. Now she lives in a tent, on the run from the man who helped murder her family. She is haunted by mistakes she cannot change, memories she wants to erase, and a truth so shocking that it turned her life into a nightmare. Read though this fictional book by Patrick Spiker titled Eyes of the Innocent

Windswept HeartsAnna Sanchez, a recent college graduate, has inherited the family cattle ranch. Having promised her mother she would take care of it, she is now faced with a tough choice. She is a city girl, and running a cattle business certainly isn’t in her plans. Windswept Hearts is a contemporary western romance by Robynn Gabel

Questions? Comments? eBook recommendations? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below.
The BookRix team

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better writersFor some of us, writing comes naturally. For others, it requires a bit more effort. Regardless of where you fall in this category, there is always room for improvement, right? Whether you should focus on grammar or character development, improve dialogue or strengthen your plot, the people in our Better Writers group want to help.

Check out 1st page critiques. In this thread, users can post the first page of the book they’re working on and receive quality feedback. Wendy aka, WritingMum, and Stacey Doss are the moderators for Better Writers and she, along with other group members, encourage BookRix members to share their work, ask questions, and participate in fun writing contests. So what are you waiting for? Check out Better Writers on BookRix and Facebook today!

Cursed Secrets, by Lisa Logue

I’ve heard people argue that vampire novels are an ending fad. But those words would never spew from the mouth of a true fan. Twilight wasn’t the first fantasy series to grip readers’ interest with its love story between humans, vampires and werewolves. But this classification of written work may have been the introduction to many if you hadn’t previously read or heard of fantasy/fiction before.

cursed secretsThis increasingly popular genre has managed to take various age groups by storm. Which is why I was especially interested to see what our indie authors were working on. This week on BookRix.com, Cursed Secrets by Lisa Logue was the first book to display when I selected ‘Books’ from the nav bar. The cover peaked my interest, as did the blurb and tags (Tags: Fantasy, Vampire, Witchcraft). I downloaded it to my Kindle, took a seat in my arm chair and started in reading.

The storyline is stitched together nicely with a good combination of suspense, mystery and love. Well played, Lisa.  After reading it myself, I emailed the book link to my old roommate, an avid Twilight/Team Jacob fan, and told her to check it out. Within two days, she responded with a glowing review and enthusiastically asked if the book was part of a series. I’m not certain, but I suspect it might be.

Whether you’re a huge supporter of the vampire/fantasy genre or you’ve yet to dabble in it, try out Lisa Logue’s latest book, Cursed Secrets. And while you’re it, leave her a review! Here’s how to find it:



Self Publishing: Don’t Get Conned

con artistNo one likes being taken advantage of, but it happens all the time. When I think about professional cons, I’m mentally infiltrated with ideas of ponzi schemes, investment scams, time share rip-offs and the like. But when I started to hear horror stories of self published authors being conned, my ears perked up.

People can be talked into anything, and writers are no different. These days there are various self publishing “services” that provide more financial gain to the middle man than the writers themselves. But don’t expect them to tell you that. Authors generally don’t take the self-pubbing route for a chance at a huge paycheck. Surely they wouldn’t object to being the next Amanda Hocking, but for all intents and purposes, money isn’t the only incentive. Having said that, the proceeds of a self published book should go to the author, not someone else’s pocket. This is where doing your research is important.  Writer Beware has been the whistle blower for various scams and cons that have impacted new authors. Before you write that check and sign on the dotted line for a service, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate.

Completing your masterpiece has always been the hard part. Once you’ve got that out of the way, pat yourself on the back. Next step – editing and creating a book cover. To some this may sound overwhelming, but honestly – it’s a relatively simple process and can typically be done with minimal cost. Marketing is where it gets tricky. As many of you know,  BookRix offers an online community filled with thousands of readers with a thirst for new material. Rather than pay money hand over fist to have companies market for you, use our community to post portions of your work, interact with readers and start building a fan base. Essentially, marketing is the act of getting your name (and your book) out in the open.

Is Social Media not your forte? Grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer!) and kiss your keyboard cause in a few days you’ll be Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Google+/Tumblr savvy. Not convinced? Challenge yourself! Take 30 minutes and create an account for each site (you’ll probably be done in 20). When you’ve finished that, log into Youtube and get your turorial on. The beauty about YouTube is that they have thousands of user created ‘how-to’ videos for pretty much every topic you can think of, including Social Media. So type in your inquiries, i.e. “How do I create a FB fan page?”, “How do I use Twitter to market my business?”, etc., and LOADS of results will surface. Sure it might sound time consuming, but trust us. It’s worth it. If you decide down the line to delegate this task to a marketing team, then at the very least you’ll understand how it works and will be an educated shopper. Just remember, no one is going to work harder for you, than yourself!

Everyone knows that self-publishing is the exciting wave of the future. But there’s also someone at every corner looking to make a money off those who let them. Don’t let ‘em get you down. Beat them at their own game! Know your options, educate yourself, and have fun. You’re about to be a published author! What can be better than that?

Dear Diary BookRix Writing Challenge

Dear-Diary-BookRix-Writing-ContestThe BookRix Dear Diary free writing challenge begins today! The challenge? Write 30 entries in 30 days!

This March diary journalers will get 30 days to create 30 diary entries, with a chance to win an iPad with a cool hardback leather case!

Write your 30 diary entries either in a BookRix online e-book or via the SocialBook© social media application feature, new from BookRix! Journal keeping and daily microblogging has never been this easy – collect posts from your Facebook status updates or your Twitter tweets with a SocialBook© easily and effortlessly with this automatic software! The idea for Dear Diary contest participants is to create a story via real or fictional diary entries spanning across 30 entries within 30 days.

Writing starts March 1 and ends March 30. At that point, your 30 entries should be complete in an online book on BookRix and submitted. Voting begins on March 31 and is open to voting by the BookRix community until April 14. The top ten contestants as chosen by the BookRix community will advance on to the independent jury, where final selections are made.

The prize for the top diary book of entries is an iPad with a cool bookbook case from TwelveSouth! That’s nearly a $600 value!!!


Readers can also win great prizes for reading, commenting and voting on Dear Diary contest books! Plus, if you participate in the Dear Diary contest by voting for your favorite, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card! We’re giving away 10 Amazon gift cards so there’s a high likelihood you could win. Good luck!

Guidelines for Contest:*

Contestants will have 30 days to write, create their books and post them on the site. Books should be uploaded by March 30. Voting starts March 31st and goes until April 14, 2011, 11 pm GMT.

The book must contain 30 diary entries, which tell a story. Entries do not have to be created on 30 different days, but there must be 30 diary entries. You can begin writing as soon as you like.

The entries can be fictional or true.

The diary entries can be posted in a SocialBook© or in a BookRix book. The 30 entries can be posted in one day or over the 30 day writing period.

There will be no wildcard nomination for this contest. If you like a contest book, feel free to pass the word along to your friends and ask them to read and vote for it if they think it deserves their vote. You could help them get into the top ten!

Please do not spam your BookRix friends with voting requests – no one likes spam.

*For complete rules, please visit the Dear Diary contest’s Conditions of Entry page.


Ready to get started in the Dear Diary Contest using SocialBook©? Watch this tutorial to learn more:

SocialBook© Tutorial Part 7: How to Use a SocialBook© As a Journaling Tool Without a Hashtag


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