How to add your self-published eBook to Goodreads AND enable Kobo book reviews

For those of you who don’t already know, Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Their mission is to help people find and share books they love. Basically, they are making reading more social and it’s working! If you’re an author who sells your books through Kobo, you’ll know just how important Goodreads is. At the moment, only people with Goodreads accounts can leave a book review at Kobo. You have to sign-in to your Goodreads account, search for the book, add it to one of your bookshelves (read, to read, currently reading), give it a star rating and then, if you want, leave a personal review about the book. This review will then automatically show up on the book’s Kobo page.

For indie authors, reviews can make or break the success of a book. Most readers find new books through word of mouth or recommendations from a friend. The great thing about Goodreads is that your friends can share their reviews and recommendations with you, or you can visit their profile to see what books they’re reading or read (and enjoyed) in the past. BookRix is similar, we add books to our favorites and add our reviews to the book info pages – then our friends can see what we think about other books on the site. Leaving a book review on BookRix is easy because all the free eBooks are already available on the site, and the self-published eBooks have accessible shop links. However, more often than not, indie books won’t be found in the Goodreads search. If a reader can’t find your book to leave a review, then other Kobo readers won’t know if anyone likes or dislikes your book. Without a review to read, they might not buy your book.

The simple thing to do is add your book to the Goodreads library. To add your book manually, here is what you do. You can visit the Goodreads Home Page, then click on the Find and add books to your shelves button which will take you to the search page. Then simply click on the Manually Add a Book button on the top right. Next, you just need to input your book info.

Here’s what you need:

1. Title and author name (*If your book is part of a series, you should add “Part One” or “Part Two” to the end of the title to alert the reader.)
2. ISBN (If you don’t know this, you can find it on the Imprint page of your BookRix book, you can also usually find it on Amazon – if not, contact our support and we’ll help you.)
3. Publisher (BookRix GmbH & Co. KG)
4. Date published (Again, if you’re not sure of the exact date, you can find it on Amazon, or on the imprint page of your BookRix book.)
5. Number of pages (If your book is a short story, just leave this part blank.)
6. Format (In this case, you would always select eBook.)
7. Edition (You only enter information here if you have published more than one edition.)
8. Description or Blurb (Just copy and paste it!)
9. Edition Language
10. Cover image (This is so important – it’s on the top right hand side and allows you to upload a jpeg from your computer. Don’t skip this step or your book won’t have a cover and we all know how important that is for potential readers.)

There is one more thing that you should know about Goodreads – it was just bought by Amazon. That’s one more major reason why your eBook should be in their library. Just because you’re an indie author, doesn’t mean you should be left behind!

*Don’t forget to sign up for the Goodreads Author Program – then you’ll be able to create a personalized profile page and promote your books.

$4-Tastic: 8 Days Left!

As we’ve mentioned before, our $4-Tastic self publishing packages have been doing awesome this month. With only 8 days left, we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of this 90% savings! Sell your eBook on BookRix, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more for only $4. Don’t miss this amazing deal!

Listed below are some eBooks published during our $4-Tastic promotion. Check ‘em out and let us (and the authors!) know what you think. We’re all ears!

Fall Into MeFall Into Me by H.L.B. Adams: Lily James has a hard time dealing with grief, or as her therapist says she doesn’t deal with grief properly. After her grandmother dies she goes on a downward spiral. The only person there for her, surprisingly, is her ex, Jace, the boy who cheated on her. He is there to help her through this tough time in her life, but when she gets better she moves on to another guy, Andy. Andy is sweet and kind and most importantly trust worthy. But in the end who will she choose? Jace, the guy who broke her heart and then saved her from herself or Andy they guy who made her believe in love again?

The Forgotten WayThe Forgotten Way by Aaron Redfern: Two years after the events of The Long Way, Spiff still bears his scars both outside and in. Haunted by his memories, he is compelled to leave the peaceful existence he has known and set out on the second great journey of his life, accompanied by his friend, the Merai girl Miriel. Together they strike out, knowing only that they travel south–to the end of the world if they must. Stories never really end. The Forgotten Way is about what happens after the world is saved and everyone else has gone home.

They Walk Among UsThey Walk Among Us by Mario Cacho: A romantic getaway to a Central American country brings Monica face to face with departed souls lurking in a murky limbo between life and death.

Write, Publish, Distribute: Rinse & Repeat

zen book coverAt BookRix, we offer a variety of self publishing options designed to suit the needs of all writers. Whether you choose to sell your work or make it accessible for free is your choice, however we encourage our authors to choose our ‘Professional’ package (currently $4 through 6/28). Not only does this package distribute your eBook through major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, but by doing this you’re allowing yourself to make money on all your hard work! Who wouldn’t want that?

Take BookRix member and self published author Peter Jalesh, aka “bmusteata”, for example. He joined our site in November, 2011 and already has 23 books available, 9 of which are for sale! Peter has a plethora of books on a variety of topics including  Zen, Chinese philosophy, and meditation as well as children’s books, songs, poetry and romance.

Writing a book is no small feat! It takes a lot of time to create the plot, write it out, edit and re-edit, create a cover, etc. If you’ve done all this, pat yourself on the back. That’s a huge accomplishment! Now take the next step and sell it. You’ll be happy that you did.

BookRix Self Publishing June Special: $4 Packages!

4 tasticIt’s time to go through your sofa cushions, empty your coin purse and check your cars center console. Cause right now, BookRix is offering our self publishing packages for $4! That’s right, 16 quarters, 40 dimes, or 80 nickels. Who doesn’t have that lying around the house?

Starting today through June 28th, writers can choose to publish and distribute their work through BookRix, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Amazon and more for only $4!  Turn off your tv, put away your scrabble board and silence your meditation CD. It’s time to focus on your writing. Find a comfortable spot to work, pull out your keyboard and put those fingers to work! Get yourself in the zone, finish your masterpiece and publish it for the world to enjoy.

What are you waiting for?

Is Amazon Losing its eBook Domination?

As digital publishing explodes, more and more players are tossing their hats into the ring—including authors, publishers and device manufacturers. How is this affecting the long-time industry leader, Amazon?


Since launching its revolutionary, best-selling Kindle eReader in 2007, Amazon enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the digital book market until recently. In the third quarter of 2010, the Kindle device retained a smaller, yet still impressive 41.5% market share, representing 1.14 million of 2.7 million eReaders sold during that period.

However, the online giant is rapidly losing ground to up-and-coming competitors like Apple’s iPad tablet, Sony, Pandigital, Kobo and the Barnes & Noble Nook, which now claims 25% of the eReader market.

When it comes to eBook sales Amazon still reigns supreme, boasting 950,000 digital titles that represent 60-65% of the market, as announced at BookExpo America last month. This past January, Kindle sales surpassed paperbacks in the Amazon online store and as of one month ago, they are outselling all printed books offered by the company.

If the iPad2 and Nook Color continue gaining in popularity, Amazon will be challenged to maintain its domination of the eReader and eBook markets. They have already responded by offering a lower-priced, ad-supported version of the Kindle, and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you updated at Between the Lines, our BookRix blog!


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