Write a novel AND win $500? Yes please!

Vigilant One Championship 2013 – User Group Contest

Wanna be a champion? Who doesn’t? The Vigilant One, a great member of BookRix, is REALLY hard to impress and has a contest of his own up his sleeve. Think you can impress him? Write the novice novel that will make YOU the Vigilant One Champion and be the one and only to win $500 cash!
Your entry better be polished, your style unique and your story original or you won’t make the cut!


* This contest is open to all BookRix members and is free to enter.
*Entries must be a complete book with a discernible beginning, middle, and end, and have a creation date of Oct. 1, 2012 or later.
*You can only enter once so make sure that it’s your best work.
*Your book must be a minimum of 5,000 words and must contain original cover art. No translucent BookRix titles and stock photos.

How to Enter the Contest:

* Submit your story in the contest entry thread, when it opens, in the I Love BookRix Writing Contests group between Dec. 13, 2012 –March 1, 2013, 11am EST, 4pm London Time/GMT.

Member, vigilantoneful, will decide on the one winner to be announced in the “I Love BookRix writing Contests” group in the following months.


100% of the prize funds are sponsored by member, vigilantoneful.

If it is decided that no entry is worthy of the title, the prize money will be increased and the championship may restart.

If you have any questions please contact member: Vigilantoneful

Please click HERE to visit the contest page.

Need some inspiration for your own novel? Here are a few completed novels (each longer than 5000 words) for you to read:

Eat Pray Love – Bestseller: Before the Movie

Italian Flower PastaIn 2007 when I brought the New York Times bestselling memoir Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert on a summer trip to Europe, I had no idea that I would end up reading parts of her story while actually visiting Italy – one of the book’s captivating settings!

Since this novel is based on true adventures for Gilbert, I suddenly became engrossed with noticing details as she did while I roamed the streets in a small town in Italy.

I knew that if enjoying simple pleasures like gelato or pasta could be that life-changing and descriptive for her that they could be for me as well (and they were). I began to eat gelato at odd hours and pasta a few times a day and found myself appreciating her vivid journey as I connected with the pleasures of taste and texture as she once had.

Fast forward from that memorable summer in 2007 (a year after the book’s release) to now, 2010, when this delectable, divine and desirable written story comes to life in a block-buster film starring Julia Roberts!

This movie will surely fill my mind with vibrant visuals as she tries to convey Gilbert’s journey as her own on screen in front of millions of readers like me.

My trepadation is simple. Will watching the movie change how I feel about this beloved book I personally connected to? Despite my hesitation my curiosity will surely out win and I will go see, “Eat Pray Love.”

Below is an interview with Gilbert before the movie was made about her reflections on the bestseller and spending that fateful year of her life in Italy, India and Indonesia.

Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love bestselling author

Prayer Beads - like the ones featured in Eat Pray LoveGilbert’s memoir captured my heart. Will the movie do the same for me? Will I feel connected to the screen the way I was connected to the pages that summer?

Gilbert’s novel was a New York Times Best Seller as “Paperback Nonfiction” for over 182 weeks. With over seven million copies in print, and lord knows how many downloads for kindle, this movie will surely be seen by millions across America and beyond.

I’m on a mission now to ask readers like me, what they thought about the movie, and if they were glad to have read the book first. I’ll report back what my findings are after I see the movie as well.

Grazie, Namaste, & Terima kasih,



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