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My Watch List: Authors You Should Be Reading

There are three things that I love most in life: Reading a good book, making a long “To Do” list, and trying a new flavor of potato chips (I’m a Chip-Connoisseur – I can often be found trying a new chip while reading a good book in a country recently checked off my “To Visit” list). Today, let’s focus on my first two loves: Reading and Lists. Everywhere I go, I see “Must Read” lists for 2013. I already feel like I’m falling behind. My lists just keeps growing and growing. Now, I know that everyone out there isn’t as obsessed with list making as I am, so I thought I’d share mine with you! This particular list is of authors I want to KEEP reading. If they want to share it, I want to read it!

Here is My Watch List Part One of BookRix authors you should be reading (and why).

1. Stanley Mcqueen

Just one of his many stories (free and for sale) found on BookRix!

Stanley’s stories are filled with humor, life lessons and the realities of back country life. They are just so darn charming that the charm often seeps off the pages of my Kobo and ends up all over me and I’m suddenly saying “Howdy” and “Y’reckin?”, calling my cowboy of a father up on the phone just to chat about car reconstruction and “the good ol’ days”. When you finish reading the first one you realize you’re holding an open-ended ticket to Muddy Fork, longing to return to the corn fields blowing in the breeze of a sunny afternoon and the wild country parties with moonshine smuggled in your britches. You can read ‘em all in The Folks of Muddy Fork, or try out one or two sold separately (he also has free books!). Here is a great quote from “A Kevin Review: The Folks of Muddy Fork“:

These are very diverse stories executed with wit, depth and sensitivity. I feel like I’ve known these people, their town, their concerns, for a long time. “Crazy” old codgers who’d survived a life of loneliness and isolation with the company of and caring for possums and a talking eagle who promised to fly the old boy “home”, when his time came to go, which reads like a tender Indian tale of the trip past the pain of physical existence and its suffering who was befriended, adopted and buried as family almost. Just plain beautiful.

2. Jess Wygle

Available in the eBook stores next week!

Jess writes a thriller that you can’t put down because you’re too worried what might happen if you do. After I finished Evol, I was looking behind me everywhere I went and checking the corners of my apartment for at least a week, until I had to finally convince myself that it was “just a book”. I’m not the only one who thinks Jess writes a good thriller, here is an excerpt from “A Kevin Review: Keep It Safe” from last week:

This “shortie” reads fast and tense, punctuated by a few short breaths and some panting… In a flash Parker’s life switches from routine boredom to blinking, open-mouthed amazement and she ponders what might’ve happened had she left just a minute or three later, “…I would still be so naive and oblivious to the evils and wrong-doings in this world.” According to Jess Wygle this is the first book she’s finished yet her ability to grab the shirt collar and sweep us along through Parker’s wide-eyed, naïve bumbling discoveries is impressive.

And it’s not just that she writes a good thriller, she also writes non-fiction and romance. If you’re looking for a heartwrenching short story, check out her free book Indelible.

3. Patrick Sean Lee (felixthecat)

Like nothing you've read before - this book has it all!

He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. As a BookRix member, if you don’t already know felixthecat then you don’t really know BookRix. He’s a reader and a writer, stopping by to encourage fellow members on their latest work of creative genius, all the while writing non-stop pages of brilliance himself. Amazing! His book Valeriya recently won second place in the Flash Fiction contest and is absolutely worth a read. If you’re into nostalgia mixed with humor and adventure, visit some of my favorite recurring BookRix characters, Skip and Jimmy, in Frankensnake.  I never tire of reading about their crazy antics and it makes me wish I could be a kid again, getting in trouble without any real life repercussions. Those were the days! Also, make sure you check out his most recent book, that he’s sharing on the site one wondrous chapter at a time, Closer to Heaven.
Don’t take my word for it – check out one of his many rave reviews from a fellow BookRix member:

“Angels, vagrants, anti-ageing, teen romance, unrequited love. – This book has it all! The title of the book led me to believe its contents would be a blend of intrigue, excitement, passion, romance and enchantment. It was a pleasure to find the pages within contained this and more. My only regret is that I have taken so long to read this remarkable story.” -chrisc

Stay tuned for My Watch List Part Two – coming soon!

Fiction Flash-Off: And The Winner Is…

So you flashed us with your fiction and we’re ready to announce the winners. After reading through the top 15 entries (that were chosen from 138 entries!) and the 12 nominated wildcard entries (totaling at 27 entries to choose the winners from), the BookRix Team of Judges was finally able to choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. But let me tell you – it was not an easy task. All of the entries were written by talented and creative authors, making our decision that much more difficult. In the end, we had to include three Honorable Mentions to show you just how hard it was to judge this contest. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who participated – you are all fantastic!

Here are your top three winners. Make sure you take the time to read them and leave a comment.

The 1st place winner, who is walking away with a $300 Amazon gift card, is Patrick Spiker (goffer23) with Stricken.

A storm is ravaging a quiet country meadow. For the two freezing, terrified girls running though it, however,the storm is the least of their problems.

The 2nd place winner, who is proud to have a $200 Amazon gift card headed his way, is Patrick Sean Lee (felixthecat) with Valeriya.

On the morning of July 17, 1874, the Royal family awaits their individual fates. The day before, the revolutionary party commandant had decreed their deaths, but a plea by Emperor Stanislaus will possibly save them.

The 3rd place winner, already planning how to spend a $100 Amazon gift card, is Bram Floria (crosswaysnet) with The Appointment.

A new man, with a new outlook on life…

And here are your three honorable mentions:

To find out who else was in the top 15, click HERE.
To see all of the contest participants, click HERE.
To view the other wildcard entries, click HERE.

Comics and Graphic novels: A lifelong obsession.

In honor of Stan Lee’s 90th birthday, let’s talk comics for a while, shall we?

In my family, while growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch too much television (aside from Saturday morning cartoons) or play video games, but we were encouraged to read and play outside to our heart’s content. For me, that meant hiding in the middle of my grandma’s bushes, where nobody could see me, and reading until I was too hungry to stay there anymore. I read anything that was put in front of me, regardless of plot or genre or length. One day, having read all the books I’d taken out from the library, I wandered into my younger brother’s room, hoping to find something in there. Sure, I’d never seen him with a book because he preferred playing in the dirt and sticking slugs to his arms, but hey, I was pretty sure he could read so I thought I’d take a look. Underneath his hockey sticks, his Tazmanian Devil plush toy and a jar of something that could only be described as “revolting”, I found something that would spark a lifelong obsession: A comic book.

Looking back, I can’t remember what it was even about. I know it was Superman because my brother went through a cape wearing phase that was the source of endless entertainment for me and my older sister, but I have no recollection of what the actual book was about. After reading it, I just knew that I’d discovered something great; a book with an incredibly interesting story (who doesn’t think superheroes are awesome?) and detailed graphics to go along with it. As a young readers AND artist, this was a brilliant revelation. I started asking my mom to bring me comic books, and although it mostly started out as Archie Comics from the shelves near the grocery store cashier, it has since grown into so much more. Nowadays, graphic novels are my “grown-up” comic books, but I still can’t get enough.

One of my first favorites was Tank Girl because she is totally chaotic and independent. I was forever searching for myself inside the comics and graphic novels, trying to figure out which superpower was my own. One of my favorite films is based on a graphic novel and I highly recommend that you watch it, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. So many really spectacular graphic novels are filled with violence, like Sin City300, and Batman, but then there are the truly beautiful stories that remind you that each graphic novel is really a piece of art. Blankets is a great example of this; it’s an intricately woven story of a boy who is dealing with growing up, religion, spirituality, and his first love.

And then, of course, there are the comic book classics: Spiderman, X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, etc. – all of which were created with the help of Stan Lee and all of which were made internationally famous by major motion pictures. Comic books have gone from being the things traded by nerds in the back of the library at lunch time, to being the inspiration for some of the coolest action movies of this generation. Comic books are cool, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are some BookRix books that I think would make great comic books and graphic novels (hover your mouse over the cover to find out more about each book):


Historical Fiction

Fantasy and Romance

BookRix Get Published Contest Winners

Last week BookRix formally announced who the Get Published writing contest winners were! Congratulations to BookRix community members Michaelmpacheco, Felixthecat and Gooduklady! Their entries into the Get Published BookRix free writing contest were the winning works that the judges chose out of the final 11 entries for first, second and third places.

SUMMER TERROR IN TEXAS by Michael M. PachecoThe grand prize “Get Published” package, generously provided by CreateSpace, was awarded to SUMMER TERROR IN TEXAS, written by Michael M. Pacheco, who has won a Total Design Freedom Publishing Solution, which includes all of the following services valued at $2,567:

Total Design Freedom Custom Book Interior
Unique Book Cover
One Round of Comprehensive Copyediting
Promotional Text Creation
Press Release Creation with Distribution
Plus a Complimentary Upgrade to Pro Plan

CreateSpace will also provide a free CreateSpace ISBN if needed, as well as the choice between the following sales channels through which he would like to enable the his book for sale: the website, a CreateSpace eStore, and the CreateSpace expanded distribution channel. Wow, what a great prize!

The Redemption of Marvin FusterYou've Come A Long Way, Baby! by Valerie Byron

The second place winning book was The Redemption of Marvin Fuster, written by Patrick Sean Lee, aka Felixthecat, who will receive his prize of $500 in cash! Congratulations Patrick!

The third place winning entry, You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!, was written by Valerie Byron, aka Gooduklady, winning a cash prize of $300. Congratulations Valerie!

And don’t forget, participants who read and voted for their favorites in the contest also had a chance at prizes as well, with 10 BookRix members each winning a $20 Amazon gift card!

Thanks again to all those who entered a book into the Get Published Contest on BookRix – we were excited to see so many qualifiying entries! To stay current with upcoming free writing contests offered by BookRix, visit the main Contest page on the BookRix website,


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