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New Adult ebooks: The next big thing in Indie Publishing!

A new book category for YA lovers who want
their books to grow-up just like they have.

Easy by Tammara Webber - One of the first New Adult bestsellers

If you’ve grown up reading Young Adult books (YA) and you just can’t say goodbye to them, well, this is your ticket. Hold on to your youth for as long as you can. New Adult Fiction is the up-and-coming genre for eBooks – They still have the intense emotions and irrational behavior of YA Fiction, but with the serious responsibility, freedom, and romantic inclinations of an adult.

These are the coming-of-age books for people who have just discovered they’re no longer teenagers. The characters have moved away from home, maybe to go to University or to live on their own. They’re finally free of the ever watchful eyes of parents and guardians. Not only are they finding out what it means to be an adult, they are also learning how to handle so much freedom. They have complete control over their own decisions and can suddenly do whatever they want. This reminds me of the great quote: “With great power there must also come great responsibility.” (Fact of the day: You all probably heard that from Stan Lee (via Spiderman) but it actually originated from Voltaire.)

If you’re like me (and half the readers out there) you’re always going to love reading YA literature. However, you might also be starting to suspect that you’re getting too old for teen angst. New Adult literature is our saving grace. We can still read about young people falling in love, and watch the dramatic changes of a character who is gaining life experiences while leaving childhood behind, but we won’t be embarrassed to answer the simple question: What are you reading?

Check out USA Today’s Bestseller list – the Number One spot is currently being held by Jamie McGuire’s Walking Disaster. New Adult writer Carrie Butler says, “The e-book revolution pushed (New Adult) into the readers’ hands.” Readers were looking for books that bridged the gap between YA and Adult fiction. Of course, there is an element of sex in these books, but it isn’t the most important aspect, it’s more about self-discovery, the ups and downs of young love, and a happy-for-now-ending. It’s real and we want to read it.

While BookRix doesn’t yet have a genre for New Adult books, we’re suggesting that authors use it in their keywords. Discuss this new phenomena with our online community of writers, or search for free eBooks with New Adult content. Watch out, or you’ll be hooked!  Not that being hooked would be a bad thing… You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already ADDICTED TO READING.

Here are some great BookRix eBooks that could be marked as “New Adult” if it were an official category:

Evol by Jess Wygle

Evol by Jess Wygle

Heroes & Hearts by Noemi Betancourt

Heroes & Hearts by Noemi Betancourt


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