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Resolutions – are they really a good idea?


Every New Year, we think hard about how we’re going to make the next year of our lives the best year ever, but does this list of “resolutions” really help us improve, or does it just set us up for failure? Work less, exercise more, eat less, sleep more, watch less tv, read more books. The trick is to make your resolutions easy enough to reach, but just hard enough to challenge yourself. Also, don’t think of it as a list of wishes, think of it as a To-Do list instead. That way, you’ll stick to them and feel better about yourself and the year 2013.

Here are a few examples of resolutions that you will most likely never accomplish and how you can reword them to make things a little more realistic:

I will write the best book the world has ever seen. NO
I will write a book that many people loved reading. YES

I will stop eating junk food. NO
I’m going to replace half the junk food I eat with fruits and vegetables. YES

I’m going to stop using Wii Golf and get a gym membership. NO
I’m going to keep playing Wii Golf, but also sign up for an exercise class three days/week. YES

I’m going to become fluent in a new language. NO
I’m going to take a class and study as much as I can so that I can have a conversation in a new language. YES

I will travel to 10 new countries this year! NO
I will travel to at least one new country and really get to know what it’s like there. YES

If you’re looking for a list that is even more realistic, I suggest you check out this. It’s definitely one of the funniest list of resolutions I’ve ever seen, and hopefully, you’ll be able to achieve every single goal!

If your goal is to read more books, here’s a great way to meet that goal faster: SHORT STORIES

Something happened to White Swan when the music played. It was a fire that burned in her veins, made her move with grace and beauty like the swan she was named for. She knew that Small Owl watched her when she danced, that he left careful gifts for her outside her earth lodge, but her heart pulled her to Gray Wolf. He was daring and reckless, and she chose him even though her father did not approve.

Simon, a chess player, meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, Sarah, at a city park. She is also a chess player, but she doesn't play the game for fun; her stakes are a little higher...

They called him "Crazy Old Mark" but he was not what he seemed. Was he an angel sent from heaven or just a simple minded derelict? Only the eagle knew.

Comics and Graphic novels: A lifelong obsession.

In honor of Stan Lee’s 90th birthday, let’s talk comics for a while, shall we?

In my family, while growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch too much television (aside from Saturday morning cartoons) or play video games, but we were encouraged to read and play outside to our heart’s content. For me, that meant hiding in the middle of my grandma’s bushes, where nobody could see me, and reading until I was too hungry to stay there anymore. I read anything that was put in front of me, regardless of plot or genre or length. One day, having read all the books I’d taken out from the library, I wandered into my younger brother’s room, hoping to find something in there. Sure, I’d never seen him with a book because he preferred playing in the dirt and sticking slugs to his arms, but hey, I was pretty sure he could read so I thought I’d take a look. Underneath his hockey sticks, his Tazmanian Devil plush toy and a jar of something that could only be described as “revolting”, I found something that would spark a lifelong obsession: A comic book.

Looking back, I can’t remember what it was even about. I know it was Superman because my brother went through a cape wearing phase that was the source of endless entertainment for me and my older sister, but I have no recollection of what the actual book was about. After reading it, I just knew that I’d discovered something great; a book with an incredibly interesting story (who doesn’t think superheroes are awesome?) and detailed graphics to go along with it. As a young readers AND artist, this was a brilliant revelation. I started asking my mom to bring me comic books, and although it mostly started out as Archie Comics from the shelves near the grocery store cashier, it has since grown into so much more. Nowadays, graphic novels are my “grown-up” comic books, but I still can’t get enough.

One of my first favorites was Tank Girl because she is totally chaotic and independent. I was forever searching for myself inside the comics and graphic novels, trying to figure out which superpower was my own. One of my favorite films is based on a graphic novel and I highly recommend that you watch it, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. So many really spectacular graphic novels are filled with violence, like Sin City300, and Batman, but then there are the truly beautiful stories that remind you that each graphic novel is really a piece of art. Blankets is a great example of this; it’s an intricately woven story of a boy who is dealing with growing up, religion, spirituality, and his first love.

And then, of course, there are the comic book classics: Spiderman, X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, etc. – all of which were created with the help of Stan Lee and all of which were made internationally famous by major motion pictures. Comic books have gone from being the things traded by nerds in the back of the library at lunch time, to being the inspiration for some of the coolest action movies of this generation. Comic books are cool, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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