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My Watch List: Part Two

There are three things that I love most in life: Reading a good book, making a long “To Do” list, and trying a new flavor of potato chips (I’m a Chip-Connoisseur – I can often be found trying a new chip while reading a good book in a country recently checked off my “To Visit” list).

Today, let’s focus on my first two loves: Reading and Lists. Everywhere I go, I see “Must Read” lists for 2013. I already feel like I’m falling behind. My list just keeps growing and growing. Now, I know that everyone out there isn’t as obsessed with list making as I am, so I thought I’d share mine with you! This particular list is of authors I want to KEEP reading. If they want to share it, I want to read it!

Here is My Watch List Part Two of BookRix authors you should be reading (and why). If you wanna check out Part One, click HERE.

4. John C. Laird (alsam2)

One of the many short stories John has to offer (free & for sale)

I’m sure you’ve all seen alsam2 around the BookRix water cooler – he’s a regular fixture in our community. You Get What You Pay For was the first story I ever read by John and it is the reason why he was added to my watch list. It is well written, heartfelt and kept me interested the entire time. My eyes welled up when the main character was telling the story of his wife, and then again at the ending. Due to the amount of time I spent studying film and literature in university, I rarely come across a movie or a book that is able to surprise me. YGWYPF has a completely shocking twist at the end that I just didn’t see coming, and for that, I thank you John!

Here’s another rave review from A Kevin Review: The Talented John. C. Laird:
This week, I read three short stories by John C. Laird. The first is a completely beautiful kind of modernized fable, a tale of prophetic justice and the possible aftermath of living one’s life according to certain principles…I am not a Christian, but I know them well, and I still found You Get What You Pay For (YGWYPF) fun to read and a totally imaginative, boldly written story and my little synopsis here will take little away from the fun and surprise of reading it.

Check out some of John’s other popular stories, such as Redemption, Going Home, The Camera and Zombies Need Love, Too.

5. Nina Kari (xxxauroraxxxwiccan)

A beautiful short story that will break your heart (Nina has free & sale books)

Nina is another member that you’ve probably seen around BookRix – and if not, I’m wondering how you could have possibly missed all TWENTY-THREE (23) of her books – especially if you’re into Young Adult (YA) lit. You’ve also probably seen her featured in one of the monthly Cover Art albums because she has an eye for cover design. Nina is a young writer, but what she lacks in years, she makes up for in plot! Her stories are interesting, heartfelt, exciting, romantic, funny and sad – sometimes all on one page! Her top rated book, Mates, has a staggering 550 hearts, followed closely by Forbidden Fantasy with 462. Sure, there might be a werewolf or two in her repertoire, but trust me, her talent is unique and won’t leave you with any kind of Stephanie Myers aftertaste.
I was first drawn to Nina’s writing when I stumbled across Dawn of the Wolf a few months ago, but what really made her a concrete part of my list was The Unconditional Love of Mr. Ted, a short story with maturity and life of its own.

Here are some glowing comments (about her books) from the community:
One of the best books I have ever read on bookrix. Love it!!!! – missfeisty575
I haven’t even finished the book and yet I’m freakin’ loving it. I don’t want it to end! – nicks.girl
Me:write more or I will die of heartbreak. Doctor:I can confirm that will indeed happen – lauren11246

6. Laurie Paulsen (lauriemariepea)

Definitely not for the kids or the feint-hearted.

Laurie Paulsen is the creator and moerator of the Into The Darkness group, and for good reason – she writes horror stories. Grasping At Shadows was extremely well written and completely fear inducing. I’m the kind of person who hides behind my hands, a pillow or even the entire couch when watching a scary movie, so I’m sure you can imagine my heartbeat increase and rising nausia that accompanied these horrific dark shorts. I’m going to leave it up to Kevin to tell you how awesome it is to read yourself scared. A Kevin Review: Grasping at Shadows (and looking under the bed…):

These are not tales for children. However, IF you like having what I call “the pattooties” scared out of you – and delight in images so frightening they linger and wait for you in that short-cut through the cemetery in the wee hours, epitomizing our worst fears from childhood not yet convinced there is nothing really out there, or under the bed or in the closet or the basement or in the mind of the person standing before you, to be afraid of or at least a little concerned about – you’ll really enjoy this one. Ever read something so disturbing you keep stopping to look up, scan around the room, you feel vulnerable, feeling the people around you, on the subway, bus or in the laundry, can sense your…discomfort, “Hahaha, this is…sure is scary…”, wet armpits, nervous laugh?

Stay tuned for My Watch List Part Three to find out who else you should be reading!

Book Review of the Week: The Camera by J.C. Laird

the cameraAs many of you know, I continually cruise through our BookRix library looking for material that grabs me. The Camera by J.C. Laird had been on my reading list for quite some time, but somehow it managed to get lost amidst my check marks and strike throughs. As luck would have it, I found my list today and made some updates, crossing off a few that I’d read and adding a few more titles that I’ll hopefully get to next week. Today was the day for me to check The Camera off my list. And let me tell you, I’m extremely glad I did!

J.C. Laird seamlessly transitions from past to present with a sense of poetic ease. He uniquely pieces together this unique tale of love and loss that playfully tugged at my heart strings from the first sentence. You instantly connect with his main character Justin Solomon and feel the pain that has plagued him since the untimely death of his wife which occurred years prior. You relate to his feeling of loss and understand the difficulty of letting go.

If you’re looking for a great short story that will transport you, mind, body and soul to a moment in time, then I highly recommend reading The Camera by J.C. Laird


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