A Kevin Review: Almost “Betrayed By A Vampire”

The BookRix Team is filled with fun and interesting characters, so we decided to invite a few into the blogging inner circle to write some book reviews. Here is the second one, written by Kevin: Betrayed By A Vampire by AnnaRose Vittoria (annarosemydarling).

Well, of all the books I ever read…. The protagonist, a teen-aged Goth girl named Emily, happens to be in a relationship with a real, daylight shunning, no reflection having, non-photogenic, neck-biting, sustaining himself entirely on blood, young vampire named Jagger. (Yes, as in Mick.) She inadvertently revolutionizes the social norms at her high school (in which she is a relative new-comer).

While there’s no concrete, documented philosophical doctrine to be found anywhere on the present Goth culture that I could find, the best I can figure is: it exists in contradistinction to lots of things perceived as defining or symbolic of the “status quo”. Goths are into the darker side of life; vampires, cute little bats and fashion trends involving colors which are deliberately too dark or too bright or in odd combinations, taking them way off the beaten paths of most runways. Fashion originality and invention (within the dark theme) is favored and opposed to the “holding the fort” stance of the preppy / popular kids and their penchants for all that is established and traditional, (“normal”?) wearing Hollister® (Polo® type clothing tuned for high school kids – had to look it up) fashions which our Goth see as “overpriced garbage”. Probably is, I dunno.

Also implicit is the suggestion that one’s allegiance with either Goths or the Preps might be influenced by which side of “the tracks” one hails from, along with a thick thread of “moral / fairness codes / protocols” woven through-out a refreshing ‘live and let live’ mind-set, which is (at least implicitly) another distinction between Goths and Preps, with Goths having particular emphasis on being and “keeping it real” without pretenses. (i.e. Illusions of grandeur / superiority)

The setting: The high school social battlefield and the lines are already drawn. The new Goth girl in town moved in with her Rock musician father, a member of the band, “Vampires Walk Naked”, from whom she’s also “inherited” a taste for vintage Metallica, etc, (easy house-mates).

Before going further into the book, the title’s suggestion of a “betrayal” by a vampire, never actually happens. Having an idea of performing an act which hasn’t been agreed upon by the parties involved isn’t an actual betrayal. It’s nothing but talk until it happens, or is it? (Who asked me right?) Look: In the book, a common expectation of at least the immortal in the relationship of a human and a vampire is the eventuality of “the bite”, which would transform the mortal’s lifestyle along with her/his eating habits rather completely, thenceforth. If there is a deep, soul-mate type love connection between the two, this can be taken up a notch by performing the biting ceremony on sacred ground (cemeteries, churches) rendering this joining an eternal bond. Our heroine overheard her boyfriend bragging to other vampires that he’d soon have his true eternal mate and she would move-in with him, when she hadn’t actually definitely consented to doing it at all and especially not soon. This is the extent of the betrayal. Now, perhaps I’m revealing my gender by wondering where the betrayal is here. Huh? I don’t pretend to know everything.

So while the above “technicality” could’ve brought the title into question…”Almost Betrayed…Could’ve Been Betrayed..”?, the book is actually very enjoyable and an easy read for young adults (YA). The characters are solidly created, and very real and colorful. Without giving away too much, it concludes with a reconciliation between previously warring parties which, while highly unlikely if not impossible in the real world, is still a very desirable scenario. Why not? In some schools the “social friction” of this spontaneous xenophobia (?), mixed with dining table taught ethnic and the social prejudices of misguided missiles of misunderstandings, becomes hard daily manifestations for some, sometimes with dire consequences. The “just harmless teasing” that is bullying / mobbing. Some kids just lose focus of why they are really there anyway. Validation by condemnation or at least making sure one is “better” than somebody. Ferchristsake! The added pressures on top of the workload. Even the author recognizes the Utopia she’s created, rendering the happy ending almost euphoric, but perhaps, or I’m just too cynical? It would be revolutionary indeed for a Goth girl to become the home-coming queen in any school I can think of. Imagine, people having reasons to confront their own prejudices that way. There are lots of surprises in there.

Interesting stuff. Kudos to ARV [AnnaRose Vittoria].


Buy it now:

Also, make sure you check out the first book in the series (It’s FREE!): To Love A Vampire

Cursed Secrets, by Lisa Logue

I’ve heard people argue that vampire novels are an ending fad. But those words would never spew from the mouth of a true fan. Twilight wasn’t the first fantasy series to grip readers’ interest with its love story between humans, vampires and werewolves. But this classification of written work may have been the introduction to many if you hadn’t previously read or heard of fantasy/fiction before.

cursed secretsThis increasingly popular genre has managed to take various age groups by storm. Which is why I was especially interested to see what our indie authors were working on. This week on, Cursed Secrets by Lisa Logue was the first book to display when I selected ‘Books’ from the nav bar. The cover peaked my interest, as did the blurb and tags (Tags: Fantasy, Vampire, Witchcraft). I downloaded it to my Kindle, took a seat in my arm chair and started in reading.

The storyline is stitched together nicely with a good combination of suspense, mystery and love. Well played, Lisa.  After reading it myself, I emailed the book link to my old roommate, an avid Twilight/Team Jacob fan, and told her to check it out. Within two days, she responded with a glowing review and enthusiastically asked if the book was part of a series. I’m not certain, but I suspect it might be.

Whether you’re a huge supporter of the vampire/fantasy genre or you’ve yet to dabble in it, try out Lisa Logue’s latest book, Cursed Secrets. And while you’re it, leave her a review! Here’s how to find it:



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